If I had my way   2 comments

If I could only have my own way and go back on time, I would have done things differently especially the bad things that I did. If I had my own way I would have done the right choices to be a good boy. I could have been a good influence instead of being a bad model to my younger. From the day I was born I want to change my life. Still, life is all about balance and if there is life there should be death, happiness and sadness, and so every positive effect has its negative side. What I mean is if I changed my life I would not be able to meet most of my friends because the future will be altered. I think I wouldn’t even meet my classmates today and my friends. And I will feel so bad. I am only trying to say that we can’t change our past, only God can change it. Though we made our own choices in our past which is the cause of what we are now. God is always there who guides us in every choice we make.


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2 responses to “If I had my way

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  1. Very good mark you did your job..:)

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