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When I first gazed

I was already amazed

‘Coz what gleamed upon my sight

Was something which is so bright

Though I can’t deny still an apparition

It already stole my attention.

Her voice was like nightingale’s song

It never said something wrong

Her eyes are my evening star

That shines brightly from afar

Her hair is black as the evening sky

Where heaven hides and birds fly

She may not be good intellectually

But she is sometimes zany

She is my hearts ace

Which is bound like a lace

I loved her even though she is still youthful

But I can only see her till nightfall

The Miracle of Friendship

There’s a “Miracle in Friendship”

That dwells within the heart

You don’t know when it happened

Or when it got its start

But the happiness it bring to you

Always gives a special lift

And you realize that Friendship

Is God’s most precious Gift


Posted July 18, 2010 by Untitled

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